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Loan Refinancing

The best thing about mortgages is that things don’t have to remain fixed. Taking out a mortgage does not mean the end of your process. There are many options and programs available that combine with your existing mortgage to bring you a multitude of benefits that can help you save in the long run. One of the best example of such options is Loan Refinancing. Using loan refinancing you can change the terms of your mortgage to suit your finances. To learn more contact Dawn Palestini of Palestini Home Loans. Dawn has been a loan officer for many years and believes in providing the best possible service to her client. She aims to be a trusted advisor and friend to her clients making her a very reliable person to go to when you have questions about mortgage programs and need advice.

Getting ready to Refinance?
The first step in deciding whether you should refinance is to establish your goals.
The most common reasons for refinancing a mortgage are to take cash out, get a lower payment or shorten your mortgage term.

Consolidate your debt
Get cash from your home
Refinance Investment Property into a lower rate.
Pay off your mortgage faster.


What is Loan Refinancing?

At the time of choosing a mortgage, there are plenty of terms and conditions applicable that must be accepted in order to proceed, thus making one commit for a long period of time. These terms include various aspects of the loan such as term duration as well as markup rates. Over time, the market equivalent of some of these vary, making the borrower feel remorse about not having waited to avail the loan with the current better facilities. However, Refinance Loans may just be a saving grace in such instances. In a Loan Refinance, the borrower can opt to have the terms of the previous mortgage reassessed to match with current market trends, as well as one’s own financial situation to better suit themselves.

Should you consider a Loan Refinance?

The property market is constantly fluctuating and what the future holds is always a mystery. Loan Refinancing gives you the opportunity to adjust your mortgage to more favorable conditions. Some advantages of doing so are mentioned below.

Modify your payment schedule: The average duration of a mortgage schedule is 20-30 years for repayment of a fixed monthly amount. By considering a Loan refinancing, this duration as well as the monthly amount can be modified to better suit your needs. As the total Loan amount varies in proportion to the duration of the loan, if strategically planned, it is possible to reduce the total payable amount as well, allowing you to pay less overall on a schedule that you find more favorable.

Change the interest rates: In the mortgage market, two types of applicable interest rates are most common, fixed and variable. Which one you opt for is more a personal preference. While it is most common to choose a fixed markup on the mortgage, some later feel that a variable markup is more suitable to their financial standing. Fortunately, opting for a Refinance Loan allows for the change to move from fixed interest rates to variable interest rates and vice versa.

Reduce your total amount: The total amount that you would need to pay on a mortgage varies with the tenure you have opted for along with the interest rate applicable at the time. Having the option to tweak either of these (or both), allows you to modify the total amount of the Loan. By availing a Loan refinance you can reduce the duration of the mortgage, and in turn you reduce the total interest charged and therefore, the total loan amount. It is possible to avail preferential interest rates too if a Loan refinance is taken at the right time when market rates are reducing. Both collectively can impact the total Loan amount significantly and strategically.

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